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Pumpkin & Pi came into our life in June 2010.  They are Exotic Shorthair brother and sister born on Pi Day (namesake of a namesake hahaha).  March 14th for those non math/science nerds.  It took me about a week to finally name them, but as an engineering graduate, I could not pass up the Pi Day coincidence (besides it being a super cute name, especially along with pumpkin).  Their grandma called them generically "pumpkin" during their drive home and for some reason that just seemed to fit too.  So Pumpkin & Pi it is.  I love it!  

Meet Pumpkin!

He is quite the lazy kitty.  Always finding a sunny spot or comfy cushion to lounge on, unless a sting is dangling and taunting him.  More recently he has found an unfortunate hobby of licking unwashed frying pans.  There is often about a 1/2 hour, during dinner and before clean-up, that a tasty frying pan with oil and bits of food sits on the counter.  Over the last few months we have walked into the kitchen a number of times to find him in a mid-air jump down where he then immediately starts licking and cleaning himself like nothing was up...I am pretty lax with the kitties and let them run the house as they please, but the kitchen and bathroom counters are two big no nos.

Nick Names:  Plump-kin, Pump-can-not!


Meet Pi!

Such a cutie patootie!  She looovvvveeess sitting in cardboard boxes and tracking birds and lizards (through the window).  Pi is fairly small and hates being held for more than 5 seconds.  She is also a very scardy cat that will jump, tense, or sprint away (accidentally slamming herself into the wall as she attempts to skid around corners...darn wood floors) whenever there is a loud sound. 

Nick Names:  Pi-terd (a story for another day), Luflafa/Loof-la-fa (?...another story), Pi-pi, Pi-beaner

Luckily, both Pumpkin & Pi are very friendly and usually want to be around us for ample petting and playing.  

I hope to post many more cute pictures and stories in the future. 

Do any of your pets have goofy nicknames?

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