I have to say the show yesterday was mmmhhe... 

Penner's search for the idol was entertaining though.  The cameras had been playing up that box top during the last two episodes and I had kind of expected it to be the plaque.  I will admit though, I did not consider the "nose" part of the clue at all in my suspicions.  Just writing about it now gets me excited for the next episode!  Hidden Immunity idols have been an awesome addition to Survivor, keeping the excitement factor high (at least for me).

What else...oh yes, the cute couple, that is NOT a couple.  I actually really like Angie and Malcolm though they may be a little naive.  Roxie on the other hand was definitely the odd-ball this episode which I was not expecting at all.  She seemed so level headed early on and even yesterday with her concern about the couple in the tribe were smart.  She just started pushing it too hard and became overly focused on them.  I guess cold and rain would make me a little crazy too.  I am not sad to see her go, but I was hoping to see some more drama play out on a different tribe. 

Lastly, Abi-maria is perceptive, but not smart.  She will be a continued source of drama (Yay!), but she should have kept her suspicions to herself and us (in personal interviews).  If I were RC, I would cut my loses, blindside Abi and pull in Lisa.  Abi seems to be too much of a wild card at this point whereas Lisa will do anything to stay right now and would probably be extremely loyal. 

What did you think about Episode 2?

Let me leave you with this Pumpkin.

Considering he is exotic, I highly doubt he would fare well on Survivor :)

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