Things I Am Liking These Days

September has really flown by.  I am still adjusting to the new "seasons" or lack thereof in Houston and it does not feel like Fall to me yet.  I am not complaining though, Bret and I swam in our pool a couple times last week, and if the weather is right, we will probably do so again this weekend.

Back to the stuff I am liking these days...

1. Octoberfest and Pumpkin Beers.  I was not really in to fall beers before this fall.  Not sure why, but I have definitely found a renewed love for flavorful beers and these fit right in.  Maybe they even help help fill the void that fall in Wisconsin has left.  Oh, how I miss a good run through crisp air and crunchy leaves...  So, in the past few week I have tried for the first time (that I can remember):  Saint Arnold's Oktoberfest (super awesome Houston brewery that you all must visit if you come to Houston), Leinenkugel Oktoberfest, Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale (spices!), and Sam Adams Octoberfest.  I am on the lookout for more as well. :) 

2.  Soy.  We have been on a Boca burger kick for the last few weeks.  It all started when we found a super sale on Boca at the HEB (grocery store here in Houston).  The next week we found another super sale for a different veggie meat product called Gardein.  These were more than just burgers though, they had "beef tips," "chicken scampi" and "crispy chicken."  So we loaded up the cart to give them a try.  The first and last are actually very good and tasty considering they are soy.  Chicken scampi was a little blah and squishy, but maybe we just under cooked it.

3. Forward by Penzeys.  Are you lacking flavor in your life and find spices too time-consuming to add or don't know what to add?  Well, this is the thing for you (maybe).  It's a spice blend of pepper, onion, paprika, garlic, turmeric, and herb oleoresins, and it is salt free so you can add as much as you want!  It is excellent on roasted potatoes, in stir-fries, steamed broccoli, quinoa, eggs, noodles, etc.  I use it almost every dinner, it's just that good and easy. 

Nice graphics right? Soo modern...heheh!  Funny story how we actually discovered it.  Bret found this supper deal where you get a little gift box with a Forward, powdered cinnamon and a sticker (oh yeah!) for almost nothing and free shipping. Penzeys must have been clearing inventory.  Anyway, he bought 4 or 5 just because and now we are just working through our last 1 or 2.  I hope they still sell it when we finally run out!

4.  One skillet meals.  Now I like a fancy meal now and then,  but sometimes dinner is best when it is simple.  The one we made on Wednesday was awesome because it was only three main ingredients with no prep involved. 

The Trio

Frozen Veg
"Beef Tips"

Forward, of course, was involved as was a splash of teriyaki sauce and this.

All together now!

Have a good weekend! Got any cool plans?

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