Two Favs


It is really great to have it back in my life.  Survivor is definitely one of my all-time favorite shows and will probably remain so.  I've been loving it since the very first episode (8th grade) and still enjoy every minute.  I could talk about this for a long time (obviously), but let's get into the new stuff.

First - Great episode!  It started abnormally quickly with alliances, idol clues and scheming.  I usually find myself slightly board during the first few episodes of any season until gaming and scheming start.  My guess is because the teams began smaller, there are not as many week easy targets.

Russel - That was an excellent series at the beginning where we see him talking about how he will NOT be the leader of the tribe (because he learned his lesson last time), and then immediately proceeds to dictate the actions of his entire team.  So funny. 

Zane - Can you get "kinged" in Chess?  I am no chess expert myself, but I am pretty sure that is reserved for Checkers.  He talks a big game...it will be interesting to see if it works or if he crashes and burns.  Onions :)  This guy has the worst analogies.


The Summer is Officially Over...Big Brother Finale

Loved it!!! The first part of the competition was well designed with the dunk and slam :)  

Dan is soooo good at this game.  He is up there with the greats like Dr. Will now.  The strategy that he comes up with and carries out is absolutely amazing.  I want to make fun of Ian and Danielle for believing it all, but I can't say I would do any better with his "Mist" as they call it.  He has made this season worth watching.
Routing for the awkward underdog Ian also made this season good.  He rocks!!!  I was sooo happy for his win.  Boogie really said it best about how much Ian has grown up during this summer.  Ian really impressed me with his answers and speeches during the finally.

Other thoughts from this season... I really like Brit.  She is so cute and funny!  I was definitely routing for her before her untimely ax. 

What did you think about the Survivor premier and BB Finale?


  1. Finale** ;)

    I'm happy Michael Skupin is back - I really liked him then he burned me by burning himself. Also LOL at Russell demanding not to lead the tribe; the tribal council hopefully gives him a reality check.

    The overall cast seems kinda lame. The two well endowed contestants keep it interesting, I guess...

  2. Updated! Thanks Mike. Darn spellcheck doesn't catch all of my terrible spelling.