Amazing Race Favorites

I really wanted to come up with 10, but just couldn't find that last one.  So here are my top 9 favorite things about The Amazing Race.


Phil's accent and the way he says "episode."


Any couple from Big Brother or Survivor.  My favorite was Jeff & Jordan, but Brenden & Rachel really amped up the dram and tears.  Rob & Amber were good too, but happened too long ago to remember what they did.  I am still waiting for Will & Boogie to do the race, but I think that ship has sailed. 


Green glitter anyone?


The sisters' bathroom break that may or may not have caused them elimination in China.  And the painful synchronized diving detour they failed miserably at. 


When Canaan tried to shove his girl friend Mika down the water slide in Dubai.  Around 20 seconds in you get a snippet of the action.  I wish I could find a better shot of the whole thing, but the second video shows the Globetrotters encouraging Mika NOT to go down the slide so they could get to the finish first. It worked.


Haystack roll-down.  Needle in a haystack, that is definitely a make or break challenge.  It's been done twice already, but I would welcome it again.

He's trying to hard here.


Wasabi bomb game show in Japan.


Bunny jumping obstacle course.  Sooooo cute!


Cheese Hill Challenge.  This could almost tie for #1, but was just edged out.  So so so funny. 

And my all time favorite Amazing Race moment is...   


Watermelon in the face!  The watermelon slingshot that backfired into Claire's face was epic.  The producers of the Amazing race were even generous enough to replay the smash over and over again.  In slow motion even!  I could not stop laughing or cringing. 

What is your Amazing Race favorite?  I am sure I missed a few golden nuggets.


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