Happy Monday!?  This weekend past weekend was really great and productive.   A little bit each day we did landscape renovation work.  Thursday and Friday involved ripping out seven or eight more of those ridiculous root ball plants.  Luckily, half of them were smaller that that first so it wasn't soooo bad.  Then Saturday and Sunday mornings, before football games, we weeded, fabriced and mulched.  The big stuff is done, but I am sure more work will find it's way on to our To-Do list though.

We now have a glorious view of the lake, and I am happy to say the work has all been worth it.

So peaceful.

The Fiance was on call Saturday night so instead of partying it up we stayed home and went paddle boatin'.  He fished and I took pictures :)  There was one good fish bite right after starting out, but then the fish didn't seem too hungry. 

Lone fish.  Caught and released.

Some yellowish leaves.

The clump of trees to the right is a mini island that about 100 or 2 white birds have been perching for the last month.  We didn't get too close this weekend, but I'm told it is a wee bit stinky over there from the poop  :/

The birds scattering.

The birds soaring.

When people get to close to their island, the birds scatter and wait out up the "threat" up there.

Sun setting.

Lonely bait.



Amazing Race:

  1. Wow!  Those twinnies have really really shrill voices.
  2. The challenges were unique.  This episode had a good variety with the buses, dried fish, sewing and forging, but none of them seemed that challenging though.  Applying the putty seemed to be the most difficult because everybody seemed to stay in order after that first challenge.
  3. Glad that the Texans survived another round.  I wonder how much time that detour back on the boat took? 
  4. I am ready for them to get on to Europe or some place with pretty architecture.  Those shows are usually my favorite to watch.

Where is Pumpkin?

The Plumpkin thinks he can spy on us...



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