So you know I was in Seattle last week, home of the great and mighty (expensive) Starbucks.  I knew I had to stop in before my trip was over, but little did I know it would be a totally new experience.  My VP, a regular Starbucks coffee drinker, was traveling with me and said we absolutely had to try the Clover coffee while in Seattle.  I'm usually game for anything, so I found a place along our travel route using a list Melody put together here.  You can attempt to find one near you too, but there aren't many options in WI yet.

Meet the Clover Brewer

It can be set to brew the perfect cup of coffee depending on the bean.  I guess it is a combination of a French press and vacuum coffee maker.  The Clover only makes one cup at a time, and costs an extra dollar over a regular cup, but it is supposed to be worth it for the impeccable flavors it extracts.  It was still cheaper than a fancy pumpkin spice latte, so I suppose I could be won over.  Since I am not a coffee connoisseur, I really can't tell you how spectacular the product is, but it was very good and smooth tasting.

Dunn, Dun Dun Da! My first ever Starbucks Clover coffee. 
Very exciting, no?!

If you want a really complete understanding of the machine, go to How Stuff Works.  That is where I found the cool graphic showing the Clover innards below.

Amazing Race

I watched it this week, but don't remember what even happened...That means it wasn't really that exciting.  I hate really dislike girls who think they are too good to cry.  Not sad to see them go.  I still do not have a favorite team to route for yet, but I'll keep tuning in.



  1. Cool reward challenge.  It is either new, or hasn't been used in a long time.  I liked the simplicity of it, just knock the idol off. 
  2. Sucks to get sick on Survivor.  Sucks worse for her alliance members...
  3. Dawson screwed herself, but I am sorry we didn't get to see more of her.  Did she throw Jeff under the bus on her exit?  I didn't hear anything, but was kind of distracted.
  4. I am again just glad that Denise survived another tribal.

Saw this flipped FedEx truck on my way home from work.  That sucks too!

Have you tried Clover brewed coffee, and what did you think about it?

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  1. The whole time during the challenge I was waiting for someone to just throw their idol way into the air and knock the other person's off before theirs hit the ground. Malcolm finally did it on the final hit.

    Also, when Dawson was getting her flame extinguished, she basically locked eyes with Jeff for a solid 10 seconds then gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. It was hilarious