Fall Colors in Houston

Say what?!  Yeah, I think I mentioned before that I really miss fall in Wisconsin.  The pretty colors, hiking, apple picking (and pies and cider).  Sigh....

In Houston, some trees do lose their leave, but they have an extremely odd way of doing so. Here we go...
  1. A few at a time, the leaves turn brown.  No pretty colors...nada!
  2. Those few brown leaves fall off the tree (and into the pool).  
  3. Repeat
  4. Repeat
  5. ...

Mostly green leaves with a few crunchy brown ones ready to fall
as soon a gust of wind blows through.

Ugly brown leaves on the grass. 
The pool was relatively free from leaves last night (winning!).

See both green trees and brown leaves on the grass.  The tree on the far right seems to be
most eager to shed this season.  The others are moving more slowly.

We have a ridiculous amount of trees in our lawn.  On top of that, both neighbors have really old, big and tall trees that also graciously drop leaves into the pool :)  It will be very interesting to see what the yard actually looks like in the middle of winter.  I have no idea if all of the leaves will fall, or only a few.  More pictures to come and fall & winter progress.

I was told that when the weather/rain is just right, some trees do color like those in the Midwest.  Every 25 years or so though, so my hopes are not up.  It's better to be pleasantly surprised anyway, right?!

Pumpkin waiting patiently for a pet.

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  1. The southern half of the country really needs to learn how to do fall. My mom was raised in Florida and said that moving to New Hampshire was well worth the winters just to finally get four real seasons.