Great Weekend

Whoa!  I am behind the blogging ball these days.  There has been just too much work to do (and play) since traveling last week and hosting guests this weekend. 

The rain was coming in to Seattle just as I was leaving on Friday morning.  It was nice to be on my way home to some great weather, people and cats.  We had 80's most of the weekend I think, and plenty of sun to warm up to pool to a cool 79-80 degrees :)  I am afraid that pool temp won't last much longer, but I really can't complain. 

Friday we stopped at St. Arnold's brewery for a tour and BEER!  It was fun, as expected, and I was able to try the Christmas seasonal brew.  It had excellent flavor and was slightly sweet.  This will definitely be making it's way to a fridge near me in the next few months. 

Enjoying the samples.

Tanks bubbling over on the tour.

Saturday was BADGER FOOTBALL day and more pool time.  The guys fished too, but I wasn't having any of that.  Purdue fans in Houston invited Badger fans to their pub to watch the game.  They were really loud and excited for the first minute, but then, thanks to the Badgers, our side started having fun.

Sunday was the relaxing day with more fishing, chatting, and card games until game time.  Then it was all PACKERS, all night :)  Wow, did they ever come through for us?  It was beautiful. 

Now back to the real world...

Pi waiting for the first scratch after mommy gets home from work.

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  1. If Pi's tongue was sticking out, I would say "That's road kill."

    Blue Moon Group