Health Fair

It's that time again...insurance enrollment!  I bet you were thinking Halloween, the holidays, or the weekend :)

As much as I dislike going to the doctor and pharmacy, I am thankful to have to opportunity to have insurance and not have to worry about the what ifs.  As always, the prices is going up this year with less coverage.  I'm still not complaining,  it's just funny.  There goes my "merit" increase...

To kick things off, my company had a big Health Fair this week.  There were a few perks:
    Loot from the fair.
  • Got free enrolment at the office gym until January.  I haven't joined until now because I think it is SOOOO STUPID that we have to pay for it at all.  This is just one of the many things I have found different (in a disappointing way) from my old company.  My old office gym had free use of towels and an individual locker and laundry service for gym clothes...I know...I was spoiled. 
  • Freebies
  • Lists of doctors.  I need to find a regular doctor here in Houston.
  • I also won a door prize of a two week pass to the LA Fitness by the office.  At first I thought 'Cool, I don't really need this now, but might like it for swimming sometime in the future.' But, by "two weeks"  they meant that it expires on 11/6/12.  Perfect, well that was a waste of my luck. 


This post is a little too snarky for my taste, but it's how I'm feeling right now.  

Other Things

Dinner one night with homemade pesto covering everything.  Very yummy.

Turtle brownies with extra nuts, chocolate and chocolate granola. 
The fiance's idea, not mine.

Glass was broken in the kitchen, so the kitties were locked up in the bedroom for safety.
See that string on the floor in the back?  Yep, that's how I tricked them into following me ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

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