Interesting Evening

I saw one really pretty sight yesterday, a snow covered mountain off in the mist (while driving so no picture), but the rest of my evening was a little lack luster.  Daily Garnish is a vegetarian blogger from Seattle that I have been following lately, so when I found out about my trip, I scoped out her recommendations.  I found a sister restaurant to one she recommended, but just closer to where my work is.  Big mistake!  There are obviously a lot of awesome places here, and I just picked particulalry poorly... 

So,with help from my phone's GPS, I made my way to this semi sketchy neighborhood and found the restaurant.  I decided to give it a shot and walked in to find a little diner type place blasting Bob Marley with walls covered in Bob Marley posters. 

Very intersting to say the least.  Dinner was so-so, better than expected from my first impression for sure.  Best part was the cookie!

Amazing Race Thoughts

  1. Dumb bull racing challenge...or lack there of. 
  2. Made up for it with the balloon animals and cute kids.  Poor kids stuck right next to all of the popping balloons! 
  3. The twins were awesome and really rocked this leg of the race. 
  4. AHH!!! did you see those fingernails at the pit stop! 


  1. Best part was the cookie in the store lined with Bob Marley posters??? Reminds me of a scene from Eurotrip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdhSChKX2zI

    Also very interesting article about hidden immunity idols as well as the reason Colton and Bill didn't get along last season - http://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/archives/survivor_one_world/2012_Oct_08_idol-stealing possibly worth a whole blog post!

    1. Mike,

      Shouldn't you be working?

      Greg Biffle

    2. 1. Regarding your comment on the cookie...that is not what I meant :) Very funny coincidence though.

      2. Why didn't they bring back Colton? His game was cut short too... I am sorry we didn't get to see that idol stealing drama, but I guess we saw plenty between those two anyway. I was kind of hoping that RC would find Abi's idol this time around, but that obviously will not be happening :(