Little Stinker!

Pumpkin insists on jumping on my counter and licking anything with food or oil on it.  His practice has been getting worse and worse over the last few months. 

It normally goes like this...

  1. Bret and I are eating dinner, watching Bri-Bri or another TV show.
  2. We hear a faint "clink clink", "crunch crunch" or "smash!"  coming from the kitchen.
  3. We look at each other with either (a) a frown or (b) furrowed brow.
  4. Then one of us gets up to catch Pumpkin in the act of counter tromping.
  5. Sometimes we catch him on the counter, other times he has heard us and is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor liking his lips and cleaning his face.
  6. We yell and try to grab him before he hides under the dining room table. 
  7. Repeat next dinner...

Well this time was slightly different.  I started covering up leftovers and/or putting them in the fridge immediately, so Pumpkin's options have dwindled (sorry Buddy!).  This time we heard a clink and Bret was nice enough to get up to go scold the Pump-can-not.  He crept over to the kitchen and quietly signaled for me to come over quick too.  Pumpkin was head down in the kitchen sink.  He was so intently liking the lasagna knife, that he did not hear the two of us.  Ugh!  We pounced on him and taught him what the sink is really for.  Unfortunately, he will forget the episode and keep jumping up.

The Stinker himself!

Side note:  Pi used to be "the little stinker" or Pi-terd because she always pooped on herself.  She literally stank from the turds that would stick to her.  The hair was too long around her arse and they would just get caught.  That problem cleared itself up in the last year though as she got better at pooping or cleaning.  Either way I am happy not to have to trim butt hairs!


  1. Kim's aunt and uncle stategically place spray bottles with water at "no cats allowed" areas. They squirt the cats whenever they are out of bounds. After a while, just setting the squirt bottle on a spot keeps the cats away. Of course, if your cats are retarded, this may not work.

    1. We tried spraying their faces at the beginning. They just seemed confused and I think Pumpkin liked it...We even tried mini squirt guns!

  2. Replies
    1. A few times I had to cut them off :( Pi didn't like the nail scissors that close to her butt so unless we two-teamed her it was difficult to help. In her defense, she really did try to clean it up herself but could never get it all.