More Pumpkin

Last night I was on my own.  Bret had to work, so it was just me, leftover pumpkin and the two kitties.  There was also a few episodes of Mad Men and wine :)

For dinner I attempted my first almost vegan "cheese" sauce.  I wanted to use up more pumpkin, and the nutritional yeast I finally decided to buy.  This is the recipe I followed from Oh She Glows.  It was very easy to make.  Mine turned out too thick, so I will probably reduce the amount of cornstarch next time.  (Almost vegan because I subbed in butter).

Too thick.  Before adding pumpkin.

With pumpkin.


Dinner, with a little sprinkle of forward.


Interesting...Last night was the first time I have EVER tasted nutritional yeast.  And though I have read a number recipes and descriptions of it, I was not prepared for the flavor.  It is nutty and savory, but I really do not know how else to explain it.  The "cheese" sauce tasted pretty much like the yeast, and I might reduce that in future recipes until I get more used to it.  Ultimately, this is not a good option for cheese lovers in Wisconsin.  It really does not taste like cheese, but given that is NOT cheese, it did taste pretty good after a few bites.  

With about 1 cup leftover, I fridged it and used it as chip dip today during the Badger game.  Mixed with a little salsa it was an awesome dip!  

Last night, I also finally baked up the pumpkin seeds.  I simply plopped them on a cookie sheet with a glug of oil and sprinkling of Pleasoning for baking.  I almost forgot about did forget about them in the oven, but luckily smelled the Pleasoning and pulled them out out just in time.  Yummy!  

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