The day in Seattle started a little dreary (or, as Seattleites would say, normal...).  But then around 1 PM the sun came out!  It made for a nice drive into downtown to my next stop.  After catching up on emails, it was time to get some dinner.  Because I was basically next door to the Space Needle, I had to stop by.  So I did! 

I forked over  19 bucks for a good view, and then convinced myself to stay up there for the revolving restaurant.  It was sooo worth it, especially considering my dinner flop the night before.  Now for the pictures!!!

View of my Hotel!

Dinner was a good, but the Sky City signature smoking "Smokin' Martini" was awesome.  I was't sure what to expect, but this is what arrived. 

Actually smoking (with dry ice).  Sooo cool!!!  Pretty tasty too.

After dinner shots (photos... not real shots) :)


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