Why do people do landscaping?  Plants always just seem to take over cause more and more work!  Okay, enough venting for now.  The plants at our house were seriously taking over before we decided to lay the smack down.  Remember how we were doing yard work last weekend?  Well, we did a bit more a couple of nights ago, and now I have picture proof!

After weekend work, before this week's clearing.

Crazy root ball plant.  Around the corner before.

Root explosion!  Around the corner after.

All cleared.  We shall see if the bushes come back.

New Pumpkin Uses:

  1. Pumpkin Butter mixed in yogurt for dessert. APPROVED.
  2. Pumpkin (just plain puree) in a Green Smoothie.  NEEDS WORK.  I was running really low on produce, and was totally out of frozen bananas.  Then, I remembered the pumpkin.  In it went with kale, OJ concentrate, strawberries, spices and milk.  The result was too thick for my liking and not sweet enough to cover the green flavor.  Because there were a lot of issues with this, I am willing to give it another shot with the right ingredients.
  3. Pumpkin scooped into morning oatmeal.  APPROVED.  I didn't even puree it this time, and it gave my berry oatmeal a nice twist!

More work for the future.  Always planning ahead ;)  Can you tell we have 2 or three more of these crazy root ball plants back there?  Yep...that is going to be really exciting excavation.

Another backyard landscaped bed :)  I just have to stay positive, right?

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