Seattle & Survivor

Goodbye abnormally sunny Seattle.  Can you even see the base of the Space Needle in that fog?




I have only spent two short work trips to Seattle, but I am really liking the city.  It may have too much traffic, but at least there is relatively ample public transportation available.  Tons of wonderful views and a close proximity to wilderness.  The issue for me would be the dreiness and rain.  People seem to deal with it though, so I probably could too.  Plus, there are a ton of coffee shops and stands (not just Starbucks) that could keep me going :)



  1. My appreciation for Pete's game is off the charts.  OMG! he totally is a gamer...haha :)  So much more smooth and subtle than even Russle (Hantz).
  2. Team Jon & Jeff!  I like this team-up even if it is short lived.  Who is this bleach blond boy?  I'll take him along too!  OMG, and now the Red Girls are on to them.  I like them now even better!  I think I have a soft spot for smart and sneaky girl power...
  3. Malcolm is very intelligent and Denise just plain rocks.  Having no shame also rocks (when it comes to Reality TV).
  4. Finally...Finally Russel starts looking for the immunity idol.  haha!  His awareness of the cameras, and lack there of the idol makes me laugh.  Idiot is more like it...
  5. Yellow drammmaaaa continues between RC and Abi!  Lisa is super smart to fan the flames and stay out of it.  She (Lisa) would get my vote for most improved player for sure.
  6. F!!!!! I cannot believe how terrible Matsing is at challenges.  At least RC lives on.
  7. Here is a bus...underneath you will find both Malcolm and Denise...throwing each other there.  Who is going? I love Malcolm's personal comments and I hope he stays...good. 
  8. Now, did Russ take the HI clue with him?  I would love for Malcolm and/or Denise to find theirs.



I miss Bret and those two...time to go home!

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