Texas Awesomness

I guess hunting and fishing are a big deal in Texas.  Who knew? :)  Well, to supply all the sportsmen (and women in binders) there are plenty of stores, but the Bass Pro Shop in Pearland, TX definitely puts them all to shame.  It is this ginormous store with the following and more...
  1. Fishing items galore
  2. Fishing clothing and regular clothing (this is where I spent the majority of my time in the past).
  3. Fudge shop - with free samples at the entrance!
  4. Boats
  5. Full Restaurant & Bar
  6. Huge fish tanks (as in a whole wall).
I was lucky enough to find myself at said Bass Pro Shop again last weekend.  Instead of perusing the latest trends in bait & tackle, I entertained myself in gigantic, well decorated lobby.  Enjoy.

Longhorn overseeing the turnstiles.

Because of course there should be a humungo fireplace in a store like this.

Yet another chandelier with antlers.  Must be the cool thing to do in Texas.

In case you forget what state you are in.  Above the entrance.

Longhorn love seat? 
My foyer is a little empty, so maybe I should start looking for something like this.

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