The Good & The Bad

The Good: 

Lots of cuddles from the kitties, more cuddling in the hammock, ran into some Wisconsinites in Houston and had dinner/drinks with them and another couple.  Made lots of tasty food on Sunday:  egg/cornbread bake for breakfast, chicken strips with Kraft's Fresh Take for lunch, and homemade chicken broth for soup later this week!

They have tasty drinks and burgers, but really really weird artwork. 
The regulars looked a little odd too, and it wasn't just because it was Halloween weekend.

Pumpkin lets Pi clean his face once in a while.  Awwww...

The Bad: 

Badgers lost, Packers tried to lose (but thankfully changed their mind), 20 degree temperature drop.  No pictures...

As you can hopefully see, this weekend was overall very good :)   Now, back to work!

Reflections on the lake.

Amazing Race

  1. Finally, a good road block.  Building a scale took both mental and physical effort. 
  2. I'm not sure what is worse, bickering goat farmers or the twinnies cheering.
  3. The bamboo carrying task was okay.  I was going to say it was too easy, but then the biking part seemed to even the field out.  It certainly upped the entertainment value with the Bangladesh traffic. 
  4. Who knew Chippendales couldn't count?
  5. OMG.  Who cares about the record for wins?  Abby and Ryan already have the opportunity for 2 Million.
  6. Happy that the goat farmers turned their attitude around and are sticking around for more race.

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