Happy Thursday everyone!  This week is really flying by, and I believe the next one will too.  On Monday I'm hitting the road again for work.  This time in Seattle, so that should be fun.  Then, the that following weekend we have visitors.  Yay!!! 

Bad news, I missed Survivor last night :( and do not have any comments yet, but I hope to tomorrow.  Instead, I give you a few random photos from my travels this summer.

New York

I was there for work and was lucky enough to visit the city for a fantastic lunch, on a pier by the Brooklyn Bridge, and dinner at Le Cirque.  Not much sightseeing occurred because just as I sat down for lunch it started downpouring. haha!

Amy & Brooklyn Bridge.  Lovely weather...

Still Raining


Bret & I had a mini-vacation in Austin this August.  We stayed at Lakeway resort on Lake Travis one night and then in downtown Austin the next.  Coming from WI, Lake Travis was kind of a let down.  I'm not even sure you could say we had a nice view. 

Lake Travis

Lake Travis again.

The resort however, was very nice.  The pool was especially cool, and of course, I do not have a picture of that.

Ridiculous chandelier at Lakway.

Our day in Austin started with another huge down poor.  I must have bad luck or something.  My plan was to grab lunch at a trendy food truck, but because of the downpour it was closed.  We made do, and found another BBQ place and everything turned out right, the sun even came back out!  That night we bar hopped to try and see what Austin all has to offer on 6th St.  At least 1/2 of the bars had live music with no cover (which is pretty awesome in my book). 

Austin Segway tour in the middle of the downpour! 
We saw a ton of Segway tours in Austin, I guess we missed the memo.  haha!

The next morning we wandered around the Texas State Capitol.  Fact; it is only the 2nd state capitol I have been in!  It was impressive, covered in "sunset red" granite (more info here), but Madison, WI's capital still holds a much more special place in my heart. 


Illinois, not South America!  This one was also for work.  More goofy luck, the fire alarm went off at the hotel.  Fortunately, there was a bar & grill nearby, and I had grabbed my phone, computer and purse, so I took advantage of the displacement.  It was a false alarm in the end.

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