Weekend Fun

This weekend was pretty good for weekend standards.  I think it helped that Sunday was mild weather wise and the Packers won.  

Friday and Saturday the weather was actually rather crappy.  Rainy, and chilly for Houston.  We started the day with homemade bagel breakfast sandwiches (free bagels from work!), then test drove a few cars, and ended the night, horribly, with the badgers loss.  Boooo...

Back to the good part...Perks of a job in the food industry = FREE FOOD!  Even thought it is just food, I love the freebies.  Many college evenings were spent at company or organization meetings eating and hording the free food.  Even 4 years later, I have a hard time not pouncing on free stuff.  Crazy, I know... I am getting better now though.  I really do try to only bring home items that we will actually use, while also attempting not to go overboard with unhealthy items.  The best (and least healthy) thing I snagged this summer was a Bailey's Irish Cream Tiramisu.  It was heavenly, but you could just feel the cream coating your mouth.  Yum!

Sunday turned out to be a really productive and fun day.  We started off with a run :)  This is our first run in probably a month, maybe even more.  Our exercise routine these last few months has consisted of yard work, house projects, cleaning and peddle boating.  This has been fine, but I miss running and actually working out.  Luckily, our house projects are slowing down and we should have more time for leisure exercise (fun for me at least).  After our run we finished the front landscaping (yay!).  We only had one corner left to weed, fabric, mulch & plant...and now it is done.  To finish it off we stopped at Houston Garden Center to pick up a plant for the extra space.  They had everything 70% off, so we scored this $100 bush/tree thing for only $30! 

The top is up to my shoulder.  We could barely fit it in the car!

Same plant back view.  Also see the nice mulching ;)

After the landscaping we went on to mowing/raking.  Because the weather was so pleasant...overcast with a slight breeze....we were even able to keep going outside.  During the heat of summer we could only ever work for an hour or two before dripping with sweat and tiring out.  So anyway, we started clearing the back landscape bed (which is completely out of control).  I don't have a picture of that now, but maybe in the future. 

Finally we gave up and headed inside for the Packer game (nail bitter) & Amazing Race!!!!  Brief thoughts on AR...
  1. The twins are super annoying.
  2. I love it when the producers make fools of contestants that cannot pronounce words.  Abacus.  Do kids even know what these are anymore?
  3. The double amputee is really inspiring, but I do not blame the team that passed her at the end.  It's a game for $, deal with it.

What was your take on the premier of the Amazing Race?

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