Amy's Thanksgiving + Survivor

Nontraditional Turkey Day

  • Up at 7am.  With two hours to get cooking and house work done before Bret gets home from work to eat and sleep all day.  BTW...12 hour night shifts are not cool.
  • So, in those two hours I did some laundry while baking the Pumpkin Pie,  homemade crust and all. 
  • The middle of day included a long run, a big pile of noodles and a few episodes of Chopped!  (on hulu).  I love that show and just discovered how awesome it is during my work trip this October.
  • Nap with Bret after attempting to get him up. 
  • Paddle boat ride.
  • Dinner of a rice mix and Pizzazzed Pizza Rolls.  Yeah...really classy :)
  • Sent Bret back to work.
  • Finished out the night with more laundry, cleaning and Chopped.  And wine.

Pumpkin Pie

Crust:  flour, shortening, salt and a few table spoons of cool water.

I have had Mom's recipe for 6 years, and finally this year I bought one of these puppies.

So much better with the right tools!

Before adding the water.

Ready to roll.

Nobody's perfect.  It's all about the taste anyway :)

Filling dry ingredients:  Sugar, spice, salt.  I just used the recipe on Libby's  can.

Filling wet ingredients:  egg, evaporated milk and PUMPKIN.


Ready for baking.

The extra crust also prepped for baking.
I finally had a reason to use the engagement ring cookie cutter!
PS.  I love (good) pie crust.  

Ta Da!  Very good and pretty easy to make.  The homemade crust totally makes the pie.


So, I totally thought Survivor was a recap show this week!  I didn't even think about watching it.  Serves me right!  Must have been to focused on the pending cooking day to think about the show.  Without further ado, here is what I thought about this week's episode...

  • Nice Abi, throwing the forgiveness card at Lisa.  
  • Survivor has been spoiling me with very creative challenges these weeks!  I like it.  
  • Young v. Old.  It should have been a blowout if not for Abi and Malcolm's mistakes.   Abi keeps proving how stupid and, more importantly, careless she is.  Skupin for the lose!
  • As much as I hate Abi, she is reality TV gold.  "all the social grace of a Mack truck"  Thanks for that tidbit Malcolm.  
  • Interesting things going down here... Malcolm rushing and Penner relaxing.  Final Four!?
  • Supercharged immunity challenge.  The combination of the rope challenge in water was very cool.  It actually looked challenging too!  The final three must be so tired.  Who is Carter?  Just kidding, but it was nice to see him step up.
  • OMG!  Skupin please don't screw Malcolm!!! :(  At least Malcolm is aware of the threat.
  • Pauuleeaase!  As the words of Michelle from Full House, at Abi pawning off her terrible actions on cultural differences...Am I supposed to feel bad for her now?  Sorry, not going to happen.
  • Whew!  Thank you thank you thank you Skupin!  I think Malcolm saved himself by getting that FF deal in early.  Penner obviously helped with his non-committal actions. 


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