Another Exciting Week

Survivor 11/28

  • Food auction. Yeah! 
    • Alright, Denise...she wasn't wasting anytime to buy food.
    • Skupin is a weirdo.  He must have really wanted that cheese.  I bet his stomach is not going to like that.
    • Penner got a total jackpot!  Funny that he still had to spend $100 for fried chicken and fries
    • They better make Carter a big bowl of rice and beans when they get back to camp.
  • Abi's getting cut throat!  I only wish Probst would have called her lie.  Can I say this just once more?  I AM SO SICK OF ABI!  Okay, done, moving on.
  • "I'm so not good at this game."  Lisa, please get over yourself.  I would have a hard time lying in general, but it can't be that hard on Survivor.  It's expected for goodness sake!  She is hopeless, giving the info to Penner, but not actually telling him he had help from her. 
  • Smart for Penner to pick Denise to vote for.  As much as I love her (Denise), she has had an uphill battle every week.  It's actually Hilarious that Lisa is forcing Skupin to be the bad guy!  What's going to happen?!?
  • "Help me help you."  Well, that is practically what Penner said, and I completely agree with his logic.  There is no way the very bitter jury members (at least up to this point) will vote for Penner or Skupin to win.  With that said, Skupin should have saved Penner to give himself a minute shot at winning. 
  • I am surprised that Penner went home, and totally prepared to be very sad at Denise being voted out.  She is one lucky lady!

Who thinks Abi will get caught in her lie?  Might just be in my dreams...

Kitties at ~ 1 Year. 

Pumpkin Roll.

Pretty Pi.

Awwww...Now, if only they acted as angelic as they look here. ;)

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