Back on Track

Life has been busy the last few months with moving and getting settled in the new house.  My overall diet has been okay.  Mostly because I have a Green Smoothie 5 or 6 days a week to keep up the vegetables.  When I say "diet" I don't mean "on a diet" just my regular eats.  

My exercise habit is practically nonexistent though, and that is starting to hurt my sanity and core.  There are few things I am going to do to change this.  Even if it just means a couple extra sweat sessions every week, it will be worth it.   My motivation...
  1. Pile on the Miles.  This is a fun challenge put on this year by RunEatRepeat to keep people motivated through the month of November.  I need the motivation and the possibility to win swag is all that it takes.  The accountability thing will help too.  Click on the green square on the side bar for more info.  I think you can even join till the end of today!
  2. Joined the office gym.  I had all of the intention to go during lunch today, but work has gotten a little crazy and I was on my feet all morning.  Maybe tomorrow?  I'm a little nervous too.  Does that make me crazy?  For whatever reason, that first step into something new, even a new gym gets me the first time.
  3. Green Smoothies.  Will continue this.  My only problem now is not snoozing my alarm too much (and then not having time to make a smoothie in the morning like today...dooh!)
  4. Need to find a race to race...
  5. Blog Accountability.  I gotta take advantage of this thing!
  6. Super awesome cruise in just over 200 days.  Cruises have been a way to keep me motivated through the winter with a promise of warm weather and the dread of bikinis.  This one is no exception, although I think we will have less beach days on this one.
  7. Nice weather!  Houston is finally cooling down so a 3 mile run doesn't sound so ridiculous anymore.  The running groups here are really intense (or so I have heard).  They usually meet at 5am (5AM!!) on Saturday mornings for long runs.  As much as I love running, I really love relaxing Friday nights and sleeping in a little on Saturdays, so that would be tough for me.  I'll just have to stick with it myself or with the Fiance.
Now I just need to find a way to stay away from all of the leftover Halloween candy.  Love me some Nerds and Gobstoppers!!! :) 

Survivor Thoughts 10/31

  • It is refreshing how realistic Penner is.  I have been enjoying his commentary and game play this season.
  • The Merge!!!  Always an interesting time.
  • Innocent little Blair (I mean Lisa) accidentally finds Malcolm's idol.  Too funny!  Too bad she has no real alliance to run and tell!  I wonder if that information will help her in the future?  Hmmm... 
  • So many side alliances and cross-tribe mixing going on!  It's hard to keep track of what is all going on sometimes.
  • Immunity Idol Winner Guess:  Denise...small and strong.  That was almost too easy of a pick (I really did guess her before I knew!)
  • Jeff was smart to throw it to Carter.  He was totally safe, and there is no point in putting an extra target on your back.  That said, he should have given up sooner!
  • Jeff totally has a Penner complex.  Yikes!
  • So, the votes played out just as they showed us. 
  • Poor RC was just trying to stay in the game and finally had a shot with the merge. 
  • Abi should f off.  I hope she has apologized to RC after seeing the episodes.  That doesn't seem in her character though.
  • What will Penner think is going on now?  He better hope for individual immunity  : /

    The kittie pictures are back!
    Pumpkin and Pi at about 5 months of age.  Playing :)
    Sorry Mom!  You were right.  I was just being a little rebellious.

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