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First...What!?!  Why can't we just be happy Midwesterners fighting each other.  I just find no good reason to be intermingling with Coasties like Rutgers or Maryland.  In case you haven't heard, those two schools just joined the BIG 10.  This meme sums it up perfectly...tis' the season!

Bath Time

I hope you saw the post yesterday with Pumpkin stretching out.  He looked so cute and comfy, it needed to be shared.  I was really tempted to put the caption as "Have a good day!  I know I will!" meaning that Pumpkin was having a good day.  But, I knew that would not be the case. 

Yesterday was bath day.

The kitties have been a little stinky lately and it was just time for another bath.  Their last one was in April at the old apartment, so it was time again.  Pi went first, very unsuspecting.  I feel so bad when she stares up from the water with huge sad eyes, all scrawny looking (with her hair matted down from the water), but it just had to happen.  After de-turding her, I wrapped her up tight in one towel to start the drying process.  Then she got wrapped in a second dry towel to finish up. 

For Pumpkin and Pi's first couple baths I used a hair dryer for extra drying, but I am pretty sure they hated the sound and probably the dry air too.  So, I scrapped that and let them dry themselves most of the way. 

This picture was taken in April after the last bath.
Not impressed and on their juggle gym as far away from me as possible.

Pumpkin went in second and knew he what he was in for.  His claws started digging into Bret's shoulder and he tensed up as Bret stepped into the tub.  I think Pumpkin took the washing a little personal.  He stayed away from me most of the night and sat hidden in an end table basket for a long time. 

Pi came out to play and snuggle a little more, but it still took time.  Don't worry though, both seemed much happier this morning.  They smelled a whole lot better too!  Now, they are clean for the holidays and all our visitors :)

Back to your happy place.  It was all just a bad dream.

Safe travels to everyone driving or flying to see loved ones! 


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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