Exceeding Expectations


Survivor has yet again displayed their absolute awesomeness.  Last night's episode was great for a variety of reason.  Here are my thoughts...

  • Therapy session!  It’s game, but Penner's gaming may actually help Lisa in real life (and the game).
  • Mud pit challenges are almost always good. I’m sure survivors hate it too!  They are already soo dirty, they really do not need to fill remaining crevices with mud....and rice!  It's nice to see that Survivor took some notes from a great BB challenge (honey and feathers).  That was a really nice reward. Helping people and experiencing their world.  Best of both. 
  • HaHa!!!! Abi get’s her reward for not participating ever…no chance. 
  • Awwee!  Malcolm is such a sweetheart.  He should definitely go back to teaching.
  • I love that Abi has continued to be a ginormous jacka#$.  That is all.  Even Artis is commenting on it!
  • Very very cool and different Immunity challenge.  I like that it is really anyones' game.  Slow and steady is all it takes.  So, Skupin doesn’t suck at everything… It’s almost like they set us up Mike ;)
  • Well played Abi.  A little passive aggressiveness whacking Skupin in the head!!!  Ohhh, Abi…now you are paying attention to Lisa!?!  Abi couldn’t spot grace if it pooed all over her face. 
  • Comm'on, just vote already!  I need to know what happens!!! 
  • Loved that face Artis made when his first vote was read. 
  • Who did it?! I was sure Lisa and Skupin would vote together, and therefore, it would have been Penner leaving (after I saw that he had 4 votes).  Looks from the votes and previews that Skupin was the flipper.  Good for him. 
  • Yet again, an awesome episode.

Last night I also made my third good soup attempt.  More to come on that later!


  1. I hope Skupin and Lisa planned their votes like that to make it look like Lisa was still 'loyal' yet they got the person they wanted out. Chances that was planned? Who knows.

    In other news, I made this soup the other day http://allrecipes.com/recipe/creamy-chicken-and-wild-rice-soup/ and it was really good, but realllllllly creamy/fatty. If I were to do it again I'd cut the butter/cream mixture in half or double the broth/chicken side as well as doubling the amount of wild rice. Also we added frozen veggies

    1. Yay for soup making! :) I have been making soups heavy on the veggies lately, and I think a nice chicken and rice/noodle or chili might be in store. Bret would probably like that too.