In the Kitchen

Can you guess the most used appliance in our kitchen?  That is besides the blender for smoothies...

I'll give you a few hints:
  1. It heats food.  Sizzle sizzle...
  2. It spins. Yippy!!
  3. It basically rocks. 


Yes...it is a Pizzazzof course!  Okay, maybe you didn't quite guess that.

I remembered to snap a photo of the amazing cooking machine in action last night.  Broiled asparagus?  Yes, please!  What is great about the Pizzazz, is that you do not need to heat up your whole oven or broiler for one pizza (or veggie).  You can always see what is going on (burning cheese anyone?), and you can do a fork test or taste test without letting all the heat from the oven escape.

What can I say?  The pan was spinning! 
These little asparagus took a little EVOO, salt and 5-7 minutes spinning.

The Pizzazz has two triangle coil heaters (watch out, I am getting really technical...I know).  One on the top and the other on the bottom.  You can turn them on one at a time, or both at once.  There is a round non-stick pan that slowly revolves so that the pan heats everything evenly little by little.

We have cooked pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken nuggets, frozen and homemade fries, taquitos, pizza and much more!  Chicken breasts and steak have also been attempted in years past.  I would NOT recommend those though.  Please also be careful with potstickers.  We almost burnt down an old apartment when the oil caught on fire. Save those for a frying pan.  Oops!

Survivor 11/7

  • Still love Penner's commentary.  He just says things very eloquently with a lot of unnecessary words.
  • Fun rewards challenge.  It actually took team work!  Good thing Angie and Russel aren't around anymore, or they would have surely found a way to mess it up.  Skupin always knows how to fill in ;)
  • Boy, does Abi have a big mouth?  I like that Pete is trying to put Abi in her place, she is really really annoying.    Twice in one episode too!
  • Why was Malcolm wearing a bib during the reward lunch?  Was he worried about staining his 6-pack? Or dirty trunks?
  • Lisa just keeps surprising me with her brains!  Though she acts sweet and innocent (which she genuinely seems to be), she know how Survivor works and I really appreciate that.
  • That was one intense immunity competition.  Very close for all rounds. And....Penner for the win! (thanks Mike for the Facebook hint).
  • Love that Pete confronted Malcolm directly about what Lisa said, and then lied about snitching on Lisa.  I guess that almost makes a full circle of snitching/lying...
  • I was totally confused before tribal.  So many names flying too quickly. 
  • Abi you iiddddiiiouuut!!!  You were totally golden with that idol.  Well, at least she didn't play it (or Malcolm for that matte).
  • Ha ha ha ha ha!  Penner outlasted Jeff. Penner outlasted JEFF.  Jeff must have died a little bit inside the night his torch was snuffed.  Ouch! 

How does Survivor keep doing this?  I am sometimes amazed how awesome this show is after so many seasons.  I'm still not sure who's on who's side...but I was entertained!

Caught in the Act!

Yes,  we still have Halloween decorations up.

Can't..quite....reach...darn it for cute flat faces...

Do your pets think drinking your water is the cool thing to do?


  1. So - I liked Jeff a lot (sports fan in me, I guess), and that's why I was mad at Penner. I really like Penner as well, so I was pissed that he voted for Abi NOT that he won immunity (I was ecstatic that he did). I honestly thought Malcolm should have just given his idol to Jeff to make sure he was safe. Now that he has it he will be paranoid, knowing that everyone knows he has it and will try to flush it out. Also him giving it away would look amazing come jury vote time.

    Also, right on about Penner being well-spoken. If Probst ever steps down, I think Penner would be a great host. He's already an actor, loves the game, and is overall very well spoken.

    Skupin is terrible. Reminds me of Colby in the Heroes vs Villains season. 10 years past his Survivor prime and barely a shadow of his old self.

  2. And finally - the Pizzazz you got me a few years ago was broken. Now all my NU friends don't believe in the Pizzazz, because I talked it up and then it sucked (because the bottom didn't heat I think).

    I am still a believer.

  3. In your dreams...Malcolm would not have ever used the idol on Jeff. Maybe Himself, or Denise, but Jeff!?! Give me a break. I was not wishing for Jeff to go at all, but I wasn't specifically cheering for him either. You'll live ;)

    I still feel bad about the busted Pizzazz. It was used, but still should have worked. They seem really expensive now too...almost $50! It is an amazing machine though.