Amazing Race 11/4 - Istanbul!!!

I cannot wait for our cruise in a few months.  One of the coolest places were are visiting is Istanbul, where I hope to soak up as much culture as possible.  When I saw that AR was stopping there yesterday, I was so excited!

  • Ryan seems like a winner...In all honesty, I would probably be complaining about the other teams too.
  • "I have a good conscience," not!  These twists are so interesting, will karma catch up with the Twinnies and Texans? Also, why would you leave a wad of cash anywhere???
  • Confidence is great, but overconfidence on the Race can really bit you in the butt.  (Saw that elimination coming purely from the Rob's comments).
  • Simit or Summit:  Simit (like a bagel) must be almost impossible if they were not aloud to use hands.  It was good most of them chose the bath...they probably need a bath anyway after Bangladesh and the flight.
  • Hahahaha!  The Beekman Boys went to the wrong, but supper awesome ice cream stand.  Oops!!! Luckily, they were rejected right away and not at the end of the race. (Must find one of these on my visit!)
  • Lexi's voice is almost as bad as the Twinnies now...to much yelling all around.  whaaahoo!
  • "I may not be a Chippendale, but I can work a costume." Best line of the night!!
  • Love the traffic directing :)  Very creative maneuvering!

On a Side Note

This afternoon I just realized I am a terrible citizen :(  In Wisconsin I always just registered to vote at the polling place on voting day.  Didn't think anything would be different in Texas.  Well, f me.  It made me really really sad when I was looking for my polling place.

It took a lot to cheer myself up...

1.  Last week's podcast of RFF Radio during my drive.  It was especially great because they reminisced about Cheese Hill and Watermelon to the Face (they were complaining about how bad the current season's challenges are....which I complete agreed with at the time).
2.  Kitty attention when I arrived home.  They allowed some good cuddle time.
3.  Orange, Banana, Chocolate Smoothie.  With an orange from my tree!
4.  I still feel crappy about being a moron, but now I will just have to wait it out.


  1. Lucky for you, Texas is not what I would consider a swing state.

  2. Istanbul was so much fun when I was there last summer.

    1. You were there?! Any recommendations on things to definitely see or skip? We only have 1 day and maybe one night in the city.