One Day Late

This Thanksgiving was a little messed up in our home this year.  Bret worked nights all week including Thursday night and our guest didn't arrive until Friday afternoon.  Nevertheless, we celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday!

The turkey!

The food and drink!

As I mentioned before, this was my first time cooking a whole turkey and a lot of fixings.  My plan worked out just perfect though.  With trying all new recipes (except for pie), there were a lot of opportunities for mistake.  Having an extra day for planning and mental preparation seriously helped.

The pumpkin pie was made the day before.  The turkey was in brine all night.  The morning of eating day I prepped the turkey aromatics popped it all in the oven.  Prep of minor ingredients happened that morning too.  At 1:30 when Bret left for the airport I showered and then started the massive cooking spree.

Roasted Brussels sprouts - 40 min, turning at 20 and toasting the walnut garnish at 7 min left.

Blurry.  With Cranberries and Orange.  Still not my favorite veggie,
but I could start  making it more often.

Stuffing - saute onion, carrot and butter before mixing and baking 30 min (same oven at the sprouts).

I love stuffing!
Not sure why I never really ate it much before last year, but it is sooo tasty!

Potatoes - Boiled and prepped mix-ins (pre-roasted garlic, cream cheese, butter and half & half).  These were awesome!  And so easy to make.  I really should make mashed potatoes more often.


Gravy - from drippings.  This was messy without a fat separator.  It was also really really salty from the brined drippings.  Tasty though!

Cranberry sauce - canned with a little orange zest.

Not needed - Corn, spiced cider or extra bret bread.

The turkey was done way early.  Which is much better than late, but it did dry out a little.  I think the brine saved it, but it also made the meat pretty salty, almost too salty!  I might adjust the brine a little next time.

During the cooking storm I discovered that our oven has a temperature probe built in!  That would have been extremely useful information one day earlier... Well, there is always next year, or the next turkey.

Overall, this was a great opportunity to try new recipes and test out my planning and cooking skills.  I am quite pleased actually with the turnout.  All of the food was still hot (or at least warm) when it hit the table.

Over eating and wine or whiskey drinking ensued the rest of the evening.

I love holidays, food and family even if I can't be with everyone.  

Now, bring on the Christmas music and decorations!!!

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