Amy's Tip of the Day #1

Oh man!  The last few weeks have been quite busy.  A little bit of work travel here, a few house projects there, yard work (always yard work), and team building planning for a work conference.  All in all it has been rewarding work, but I am ready for a break. 

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point just opened a new business and asked the question to readers.  "If money was not an issue, what kind of business would you develop?"  Easy, I would totally have a competition/team building/event planning business.  In the mean time though, I will take opportunities at my real job to do just that!

Amy's Tip of the Day:  How to Look Like a Super Star at Work

You could just do your job really really well is suppose, but that is not as much fun as this.
  1. Join a Planning Committee.
  2. Plan a fun/cool event.  i.e. Copy any old or recent reality show or game show.  As a reality fan, my favorite is Amazing Race.  I haven't figured out a way to make Survivor into a team building event yet, but should get on that.
  3. Be Creative.  Put a work related twist into the event if possible.
  4. Prizes...always have prizes.
  5. Finally.  Hype it up.  Tell people they will have fun if they participate because you know they will!
I have been a part of a few event planning teams for corporate events in the past.  One thing that can bog a conference down is too many PowerPoint slides combined with sitting in the dark.  As a person who just wants to have fun (and help others do the same), I often come up with the games when on these types of committees.  I credit it my extensive reality TV watching.  At least it's worth something, right?

Some successful events in the past have included:

Minute to Win It.  (Credit my Uncle Dave for telling me his office did it first).  So that's two offices that have had a good time with it.  This was really, really easy and it can get to a semi-embarrassing place without actually embarrassing anyone.  Fun can be had by all for very little investment in tools and equipment.

Amazing Race.  You can plan a race from point to point.  This will take more planning time to come up with creative clues to destinations, challenges and coordination.  It is totally worth it.  Similar to the Minute to Win It, there is very little cost involved, just a few volunteers to help coordinate.
    • Tips:  Have volunteer texters to give out clues when a team solves a puzzle and texts the correct answer in.
    • Picture clues are fun.  Tell people to find "this" place and give them a picture of it.  
    • Eating challenges.  Period.  They can be fun or gross.
    • Puzzles are fun and create challenges that are not just about running and driving fast.  They can be word finds, searches, crosswords, actual puzzles, etc.
    • Have a finish mat or sign.  Makes the whole thing more legit.

Iron Chef.  This could be a little tough depending on the workplace.  Being in the food business, all of my offices have had ample kitchen space for multiple teams to cook and prep food.  That makes it perfect for Iron Chef.  Beyond the kitchen space, you just need a secret ingredient, groceries, judges and prizes!

Scavenger Hunt.  Not a reality show, but still worth noting.  Make a list of items to collect, pictures to take and maybe questions to answer (by finding a certain building or book, etc.).  Tell teams they have X amount of time to find as many as they can and meet back at the final destination.  Late teams could be disqualified or given a penalty.

Others I have not tried, but that could work:  Take it or Leave it, Jeopardy, Don't Forget the Lyrics, Family Feud, Office Olympics, The Bachelor (I kid, I kid), etc.

Another Key to a successful event is making it something new or different.  If you do Iron Chef every year, it will lose it's luster after a few.  Sure it will still be fun, but the excitement won't be as strong.

Even before my corporate days, I was always incorporating reality TV into my school projects. 
  • High School Freshman History Project:  Survivor Antarctica Video:  Voltaire v. Hobbs.
  • AP US History Final Project:  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall Jeopardy Video.
  • Writing Assignment of our Choice (where you write about anything):  I wrote about how cool and interesting Survivor is.  I think it was during the compelling Rob C's season.
  • Yes, I am a total nerd.  Deal with it! :)


Happy Event Planning!!!

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