Best New Drink!

Disclaimer:  This post was meant to be posted Tuesday, but I didn't have the pictures when I was traveling, and have been busy since!  Excuses, excuses, I know...

The (last) weekend was full of appetizers and drinks, fun and Christmas decorating.  I came home from work on Friday with a case of really nice (and free) frozen strawberries.  Most fit into two gallon sized bags for storage, but there was about 2 1/2 cups left over.  Hmmm....


Friday Night + Frozen Strawberries = Very Tasty Blended Drink


2 to 3 C frozen Stawberries
5 Packets Splenda (or equivalent sugar/sweetner)
2 Shots Triple Sec
3 Shots


Put all of the ingredients in a blender.  Pulse blender a few times to get the strawberries crushed up and blendable.  Then blend constantly until smooth.  Makes two small (but strong), strawberry drinks.

In they go!

The non-alcohol part.

Before the blend.


Pumpkin Approved!

Survivor & Amazing Race This Week:

Survivor - It kept me excited (immunity challenge) and tearing-up (family reunions) as expected.  I did not appreciate the fake teaser from last week's preview where they implied Malcolm's brother screwed him somehow.  But that's how Survivor rolls, and they have been really good this season to make up for bad teasers.

Amazing Race - Barcelona!!! That is another city I would LOVE to visit.  One thing I have noticed this season is that the teams seem to be isolated during their breaks.  The three teams in the lead had no idea if Abby & Ryan were eliminated.  In the past, teams used to spend time together and seemed to become friends a lot of times.  Also interesting...this is the first leg where they have to drive themselves?  That used to be so common in the past.  Yay for wind energy!  There are a lot of people who think the Twins are really really annoying, and they are going to have to deal with them one more week!  Haha...girl power!  I would be happy to see any of the final four teams win, but the Twins are entertaining, so I'm glad they were spared.


From my travels this week.  Can you guess where I was???

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  1. Fun fact - Survivor producers (Probst, Bruckheimer) are in charge of all show editing, but CBS is in charge of putting together all commercials, promos, and 'next time on Survivor' clips.