I saw one of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners today!  It was huge!  I shouldn't be this excited, but I have been flying United for most of my work trips so it's been kinda hyped up.  I was in George Bush Airport concourse C and saw this fancy stage and drapes.  So, obviously I wondered over to see what it was all about.  This is what I found!

It is hard to gauge how big the Dreamliner is, but below is a picture of the Dreamliner's wing (on the right)and another random United plane wing (left).  It might be twice as long?

Not the only person taking a picture of it!


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    1. Har-dee-har-har...In case you missed it on Facebook, "That's waht she said" is one of my Favorite quotes.

    2. What can I say..."I love to laugh, ha ha ha ha! Loud and long and clear."