No Soup For You!

Oh Seinfeld, you always make me smile :)

Anyway, it has been a while, so you probably do not recall my earlier soup escapades this fall.  There were only a couple, and then I went to challenge myself to make soup more often.  You probably should have bet against that happening.  Even though I have not been posting my soup creations as of late, there have been a few.

1. Lentil Soup

The first was lentil soup.  There had been a bag of dried lentils in the pantry for about two months.  I think my original bright idea was to make a lentil loaf (faux meatloaf like), but it just didn't happen.  Then two weekends ago after a lot of fun and unhealthy dishes I thought we should change it up by making the lentil soup recipe on the back of the bag.

HEB Came through with a great recipe!

Purrrty Hardy!

It was really easy.  A little canned tomato, onion, carrot, ham, lentils, Italian spice and a few mushrooms to use them up.  It was very tasty and very filling.  I just got another bag to sit in the pantry till my next soup craving hits.  Did you know lentils are super super cheap?  The bag today only cost $0.89!

2. Butternut Squash Soup

Just plain remade it.  It was really good the first time and I wanted to make it for the Fam when they came to visit.  Props to my Dad for actually making most of it this time.  The rest of us were concentrating on Setters of Catan!  :)  It was a good Christmas despite my losing every game.

3. Ham & Potato Soup

This is our latest soup attempt.  It was very similar to Ham & Bean soup.  We just had a lot of leftover ham and potatoes (side note:  I almost always forget to use leftover potatoes before they go bad...so this was a major improvement in my book.)

I didn't want it to be a creamy soup, so I just Googled "Ham & Potato Soup" and quickly found this gem.  The video is what sold it.  Easy peasy.  I forgot to mention that we had made ham stock from the leftover bone on Christmas day, and that is another reason I had soup on the brain.  Due to the excess of leftovers, I think we added almost double the potato and ham.  I also used a big sweet potato in place of some regular potato to use it up.  We just skipped the cream (didn't miss it at all).  Due to all of the extra potato, our finished product was nice an thick as it were.

TTFN!  Gotta get ready for the Packer game!!!

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