Ugly Sweater?

Ghah!  Where did the time go?  I feel like I keep saying it, but I really feel like there are just not enough hours in the day!  Or should I say, there are just not enough vacation days to squeeze out of this year? 

Friday night I came home to the absolute perfect scene.  Flowers, strawberry drinks, a bottle of wine on ice and dinner plans made.  It was our 6 year anniversary (Facebook Official).  I really can't say enough nice things about Bret, and then he goes and is even more sweet.  :)

Not so sweet.
Are those lights or glaring cat eyes?

December has been a good month so far in our household.  I just need to find time to finish watching all of the reality show finales.  Those extra hours really add up!  I am still not done with Survivor, but luckily haven't been spoiled yet...which is pretty good in my book.  Ashely & JP's wedding is still on the back burner.  No spoliers there; I am fairly certain they just have fun and get married.  I did catch the end of Amazing race though...


Amazing Race Finale

Speaking of good challenges.  This last episode a few great ones!  The final one was definitely a challenge. Very sneaky of the AR developers to use a similar format where they incorporate something from each country visited, but in a whole new (and very difficult) way.  It was totally a process of elimination and I think I would have attacked it like the Beekman Boy did, but with everything on the line at the end of the race, I may have crumbled like Lexi too.  Great ending challenge!

The other standout cool challenge was the Houdini escape challenge.  Even the clue to get the challenge was good!

I was perusing the Beekman Boys website the other day and found their blog.  They seem like really nice guys and very inspiring to boot!

Back to the Sweater thing...

I decided to where a slightly festive sweater the other day.  'Tis the season, right?  The sweater is bright forest green with some cabling and is about 3 years old from Old Navy.  Very comfy and definitely office appropriate (win-win).  The weather is too warm to wear it anywhere outside, but my I am usually cold in AC so it worked.  I digress again! 

So, I walked into a meeting room and somebody blurted out..."Is that your ugly Christmas sweater?"  Crickets....

I didn't know what to say.  I think I said something about it being very bright green.  Then someone else tried to fill the silence by commenting on their gray polo.  We had a laugh about it later, but yikes, awkward!  Some people just don't have filters.  I wasn't planning to to retire the green sweater yet, but may need to reconsider.  :(  What do you think?

Yea or Neigh?

Yes.  I live in the south but am still very, very pale.  I actually don't own a strictly "ugly" sweater for Christmas parties.  I guess I am covered now!

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