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Chocolate Coconut Larabars!
My my, they are tasty.  I first ventured into Larabars in College when I was stuck on campus all day and looking for quick and healthy eating options.  Not going to lie, they are kinda expensive.  That is why they normally are not a staple in my diet.  Well, Amazon had the boxes on sale a few weeks ago.  There were a lot of flavors to choose from, but I had never tried the chocolate ones before.  So, we ordered a box of the Chocolate Coconut and I absolutely love them!  They calm my chocolate craving and are like a candy bar with their date sweetness (kinda like these).  Yum.

Downton Abby
The third season kicked off on PBS this month and has been as good as ever.  I watched the first two seasons for free through Amazon Prime.  They went too fast, and now I have to wait a whole week for each new episode.  Life can be cruel...


The Biggest Loser
This is another show I have been catching lately (i.e. Bret has been working long hours and I have extra time to watch.)  This season the show has three kid ambassadors that come to the ranch for short stints, but do most of their work at home with their family.  The teams have been pretty lovie dovie because there has only been one vote off thus far.  It's nice to let the contestants work towards figuring out their issues before they need to start strategizing (or conniving) to win the game.

Heater Blankets
It was really cold and rainy (for Houston) for the 2-3 weeks after Christmas and this thing made me a lot happier most nights.  It turned warm again and is really not necessary anymore.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Game of Thrones
Finally onto the third book of the series.  This last one took a while because I just didn't give myself enough quiet reading time.  That was fixed in the last month (see my next section).  I have held off on the TV show thus far, but will definitely watch it at some point.  For now though, I am happy just reading.


The Gym
I can read and work out!  Why I ever fell out of sync with going to the gym regularly always surprises me when I get back at it (it's happened more than once).  Anyway, I can go to the gym during lunch and elliptical for 30 minutes and read (Game of Thrones), killing two awesome birds with one stone.  The only problem with this, is that it leaves me with less time to blog during lunch.  D'oh!

Pumpkin helping me put away Christmas decorations. 
He & Pi loved the sparkly icicles.  I wonder how much glitter they ingested this season? 

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