Do you ever get yourself worked-up or anxious about something?  I tend to do it more often than I'd like to admit.  Part of it is procrastination in play, which also occurs more than it should.  Luckily, this is not a debilitating problem (because I always get the job done), just one I need to start to consciously focus on avoiding.

The last few weeks of work have been a little frustrating with time lines that were not particularly well-written.  I had a big chuck of work to do, but it kept changing, and changing, and changing again, just enough to require a another round of work.  This probably doesn't make sense, but suffice to say, if one person made a change to their document it could potentially lead me to change 30+ documents.  This was actually the appropriate situation to procrastinate by not finalizing anything until the end (to avoid as much rework as possible). Unfortunately, that just made me all the more anxious that I may not finish on time!

Anyway, there were a few other paperwork items I may have also been procrastinating on that were also finally completed Wednesday morning.  This included a mid-year review (fun...not!).  My year and performance have been fine and all, but I still get worked up over personal reviews.  There was one goal that I thought I had made zero progress on, and was concerned because I didn't have any ideas for how to achieve it.  Turns out, I had already done a project that covered it without even realizing it.  Score!  That, along with checking a few nagging items off my work list, gave me a big mental boost.  I actually felt lighter and was breathing easier after it all as I made my way to the gym for lunch.  Seriously, why do I do this to myself?!

No matter how much I get myself worked up at the office though, it is nice to know I can always come home to Bret and these two cuties.  Love!

Are you a procrastinator?  And if so, have you found any good ways to avoid it? (Procrastinate procrastination? hehe)

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