Scenes From the Weekend

This weekend was great!  It was a nice combo of Bret, good food, good weather and gettin' stuff done.  Friday morning was another story...let's just say I can be incredibly stupid at times.  Especially when attempting to multi-task before caffeination occurs.  Fortunately, the rest of the weekend was excellent.  See here...

We chopped and cleared out some major overgrowth in our "tropical garden" area. 

 I'm not sure who is confused; me, or the leaf-less blooming magnolia tree. 
Pretty, non-the-less.

Lunch :)  Real beer brats from Wisconsin.  Thanks Dennis!!!

Fried Bananas with pancakes.  Kath has been eating these a lot and I had
to find out what they were all about.  Overall, I say good and easy to
throw on the griddle next to pancakes!  Will make them again.

Topped with maple syrup and pomegranate seeds.

Pi perchin' 

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