Seawolf Park

A couple weeks ago on our visit to Galveston, we had a nice plan in mind.  First, to stop by a local vineyard for a tour and tasting, then to visit to the Tall Ship Elissa in the port.  Well, let's just say the Internet failed us and neither stop worked out.  We found ourselves in the tiny visitors center/shop at the Elissa Tall Ship chatting up the college student siting behind the desk.  The ship had been in dry dock for repairs and was supposed to be back in November, but, NOPE!  I guess repairs have taken longer than expected.

The empty slot where Tall Ship Elissa normally floats.  Empty!

The only problem with coming to Galveston for a day trip is the huge tease of these cruise ships. 

Luckily, with the help of the nice college student, and smart phones, we found Seawolf Park not too far away.  Seawolf Park is at the tip of Pelican Island, another small island off of Galveston.  It has some good fishing as we saw a number of both casual and serious fishermen, but the main attraction is actually the WWII Submarine USS CAVALLA and Destroyer Escort USS STEWART.   They are both self-guided tours where you explore at your own pace.  At only $7/person, it is a pretty nice deal.  The weather was beautiful the afternoon we visited, not too hot or cool.


Gotta go up to get in.

In we go!

Lots of knobs and levers.

Officers Head...Toilet!

Patriotic wall paper.

What is this?

A fold down sink!

More knobs.

Which way Captain?!

Speaker and mic.


Nice and orderly.
Mess hall. with board games on the tables.  Smart!
And a TV that probably was not on the original.

Coffee...Yes please!

Let's get cookin'

Bunks.  I think boy scouts can have sleepovers here.
Pretty cool, but a little scary too!

I see UW Terrace Chair colored knobs!

Sectioned off compartments.

The light is the torpedo launcher an the green/brown thing to the right is the torpedo!






Fishing and Pelicans

Each person out there had about 5 poles just hanging out waiting to catch a fish.

Yes, that is a huge fish in that plastic bag.

Fishermen wadding out.

Pumpkin and Pi would have flipped out!

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