It's Back!!!

Yay!!! Survivor is back. 
First thoughts:  pretty cool cast – I am interested to see how Eric changes his game, how much craziness Philip brings, and if the Wisconsinite can go for the win this time (and not just the flirt).  Oh, and I really enjoyed Cochran last time, so I hope he stays a while (though, if I were playing with him, I would cut him because strategically I would not trust him).

Reward Challenge

Nice!  Let’s start it off right with a comp.  No getting to know you time or nothing….I think it was just an excuse to get Philip in his red undies faster….
Francesca really did awesome!  When I saw her and Cochran for the favorite’s pair, I assumed they were in for it.

At Camp

Wow – why on earth are these two newbies fighting?  Oh yeah, cuz they are new.
I love the title of the episode.  I love more that I knew exactly what it was referring too even before watching the episode “She annoys me greatly.”  Philip can be so eloquent and PC.
Boston Rob Rules per Phillip
  • BR Rule 1:  get an alliance
  • BR Rule 2:  get an alliance within an alliance
  • BR Rule 3:  get rid of your alliance before it gets rid of you
  • I would add one more…BR Rule 4:  make it to the end with less likeable people than you.  Philip was a good student the first time around.  But he cannot come off as an “idiot, combative loser” (Erik’s words, not mine) because that can never work to your advantage.  Any reference to Boston Rob though, is good in my book. J

Immunity Challenge

Very cool jungle gym at the immunity challenge; reminds me of the SeaWorld play zone in Tampa (also DZ and Totally Tubular).
Why does it always come down to Malcolm throwing s#!*? Maybe he should find a new hobby.  That was painful to watch…
As sad as it was to see the favorites lose the first challenge, it is nice to see the game play start right away.  They all know (or think they know) how to play and no one is waiting around
How does survivor keep doing this?  I had no clue who was going home until the last vote was read.
I feel bad for Francesca, it has to stink getting voted out 1st again.  That must be a record.  

Other Good Quotes

“It’s like a new Dawn..giggle…giggle” 
“Nobody’s going to get done like they got done last time” Little Hantz,  “Oh somebody is!” Probst.
“Francesca, Francesca, Francesca, your welcome”. 

What did you think of the First Survivor Epi? 

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