Survivor Fans v. Favorites Epi 2

The dynamics of this Favorites tribe are sooooo sooo so awesome:

  • Dawn cannot handle this game.  Yes Brandon is a douche, and yes it was smart of her to deal with her issues alone, but it was just the first tribal.  How is she going to handle the next 17?
  • Malcolm did not take my advice…and was tossing again!  He is lucky the other challenge segments gave him a big lead, and that Phil came in to pick up the pieces.  (What is wrong with me?  I love Malcolm, but I just can’t keep myself from mocking him…I think it's just because we haven't seen much of him this season)
  • Could you tell that everyone was looking through the new fishing stuff for an idol?  It was pretty obvious. 
  • Brandon…WHOA, mood swings.  Cochran is right; that crap is scary.  This kid is super conflicted between his Hantz heritage and his desire to be a good Christian.
  • Philip on information flow…keep people you don’t trust at mid-management….um..the question is to trust or not trust fully?…I think I am going to pause with you (Brandon) at mid management….and, CEO's (Like me [Phil]) don’t call in mid management till they need to share info.  Excellent!!!! So many great Phillip quotes!
  • The CEO seems to have triggered mid management's inner feistiness again.  And the plot stirs a little more for next episode.


Fans (Though, I question the Fan-ness of some of these people): 

  • Who is this marine?  He is a baby…Iraq twice?  Well, that's great and I thank you for your service, but it does not mean you can laze and bicker your way to a Survivor win.  Why even waste a spot on the tribe to be so useless and annoying. 
  • "Shamar is my Phil"…that is great Sherri.  Good luck keeping your lazy “Phil” around, the real one is at least useful around camp.
  • 19 hours in the shelter!?!  It is totally not a scape-goat comment, that is pure laziness and Shamar knows it.  Can he be voted out already?
  • Sucks for Alli…I don't even know who she is...I just want Shamar gone. 



Other Notable Quotes: 

  • "Stealth R' Us"
  • "Well, you are looking directly at Reynold” Probst.  During the bulge discovery and announcement.  He seems to always put in a good jab during tribal.
  • “I am voting the way I am supposed to be voting, I’m sticking with my vote…maybe”  Wow, let’s not make it clear, or anything.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, lots of things to comment on here. Let's begin....

    1. Malcolm, Corrine, and Brenda got minimal airtime the first two shows. I feel like they will finish between 5-10th place. Malcolm is playing the game well,though, we will see where it goes from here.

    2. My pick to win this season is Dawn. I think the first week is a tough reintroduction to the game and she will be fine in the future. I think there is a lot more breakdown/crying/frustration alone than we see on TV (just a feeling, based on how frustrating being there must be). Her and Cochrane are in great position in their tribe and also seemed to be two of the best received players by the 'fans'. Throw in their lack of physical threat and I think Dawn/Cochrane will go far, but I think Dawn has the upper hand.

    3. For Shamar, he was a boistrous 'player' in the whole Occupy Wall Street movement. Check out these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4a5iItttG0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5_dZez-OTw . I agree though he is as bitch and will not last too long. Hopefully Sherri (who I like so far) will only take him so far until her strategy evolves. She seems to truly understand that everything in Survivor is situational and things can change quickly and the best players adapt.

    4. It is now "Stealth R Us,Inc." as compared to "Stealth R Us" from Redemption Island. I also love that Corrine is called 'dominatrix'

    5. I expect a tribal swap at the beginning of episode 5. after four people are gone seems like the perfect time for that to happen.