Three Things Thursday

Why have I not done this before!?!  My absolute favorite number is 3, by the way.  I think it should become a new habit.  Not that this blog isn't already totally random, but I often have thoughts that don't deserve there own post, but that I find either A. amusing, B. interesting or C. are things I just plain love.  So, here we go for Pumpkin & Pi's first Three Things Thursday!


1.  Canada has some funny road signs.

I saw this one morning on the Gardner Expressway during my recent travels.

The lane ending must "squeeze" into the other, seems clear enough.  Also known as "merging" where I come from.  Gave me a chuckle!

Just to make sure all Canadians (and visitors) know that walking or bicycling on a highway is not permitted, every on-ramp had signs indicating such. 

Maybe people in Ontario are just that much healthier, and always want to be walking and riding places.  That's my only theory here...


2.  Pumpkin & Pi are totally adorable.

Pi's new favorite spot (not including boxes).

"Look mom!  I got up here all by myself!"

3. Avocado Pudding. 

Apologies for the absolutely terrible food photography
...and no Dad, Mike or whomever feels the need to comment, this is not poop.

More like Avocado Frosting, it was that thick and rich.  Seriously tasty, after you get over the slight avocado taste on the first bite.  I used this recipe after a quick google.  I didn't have (or want to melt down real chocolate) and maple syrup sounded good.  I just threw all of the ingredients together and, you guessed it, immersion blended it until it was smooth. 

Have I mentioned before how much easier it is to wash an immersion blender wand than a whole blender?  Well, it is seriously easy.  No worrying about things growing in unreachable blender crevasses either.

How is your Thursday going?

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