Three Things Thursday

Last week's Three Things Thursday must have gone to Pumpkin's head.  He was a major stinker (literally and figuratively) last Saturday.  These three strikes almost got him kicked out; not really because I could never actually do that, but there was a lot of threatening...


1.  The Computer Room Closet

Cat's are curious, I get that.  There is something extra special about the computer room closet though.  Any time we are sitting at the computer with the closet door open (where the printer and a bunch of other useful stuff is), he goes in.  I usually don't notice until I hear feint rustling sounds, but I do usually hear something and remove the cat before closing the door.

Well, somehow on Saturday morning, Pumpkin got locked in the closet.  It was particularly bad timing because Bret & I were out for about 6 hours having a grand old time.  We got home, and I remember smelling cat poop, but could not find it in any of the normal places.  After playing with Pi for a while, I realized that Pumpkin never came to say "Hello, welcome back, now please pet me," and start getting really nervous. 

Did he get out?  Did he die under a bed?  Dramatic I know.  After a lot of bell-jingling, we heard a feint meow coming from the computer closet.  He was there as was a nice pile o' poop on the shelf.  Luckily, he held his pee, and the poop was relatively easy to clean.

NOTE:  This episode in the closet has not deterred him from continuously exploring it.  Last night I caught him in there again!  Typical Cat...


2.  The Attic

So, right after cleaning up the mess from #1, Bret and I started working on some attic stuff.  To get up there, there is a pull-down ladder in our hallway.  Pumpkin has taught himself how to climb ladders and is basically fearless.  Bad news for us. 

Keeping tabs on the Pumpkin while running in and out of the garage for tools was a problem.  At some point, Pumpkin totally bolted up the ladder into the very dangerous and dark attic.  I knew as soon as it happened since he was no longer sitting by Pi or eating, or in any of his usual places.

After flipping out a little, I convinced Bret that he was in the Attic and started looking.  Yep, Pumpkin was up there... I was actually more scared, than angry, that he would fall in a crack or run into one of the thousands of nails sticking through the roof.  He was fine, but he did make me come over to get him.

3.  The Window Screen

Screens and a cat with claws do not mix well.  Claws always win.  The weather has been mild lately, so no AC or Heat has been required.  That is great for electricity purposes, but not so great for air filtering and cat smell.  Part of the reason we were working in the attic (problem #2) was to create an air flow system to bring in some fresh air.  This also happens to involve open windows with screens. 

Pumpkin & Pi love sitting by open windows with a breeze.  Who can blame them?  You can hear all of the birds and bugs outside, and they could sit there all day if we let them.  Pi was a perfect angel.  She had nothing to do with the first two issues of the day and sat very nicely by the window all night without scratching anything.  Pi learns. 

Pumpkin, on the other hand, could not resist the urge to stretch out and stick his claws into the screen.  Claws in a screen is a very obvious sound, so he usually gets busted.  He probably tried it three times over the course of 20 minutes (with scoldings after each occurrence) before finally moving on to a non-problematic pursuit.
NOTE:  The screen is fine.  We take them down whenever we are not opening the window.  This probably sounds crazy to all the folks in Wisconsin, but most of the time Houston is so hot that screens are rarely needed.

Timeout in the laundry basket...yeah right!

As crazy as Pumpkin can be, I love him.  Both kitties bring us a lot of laughter and smiles to make up for it ;)  It's just hard to believe they are brother and sister sometimes...

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