3.14 Things Thursday

This post is sorta belated, as are a lot of potential posts this week, but here we are.  No apologies.  Life is just busy and that is that.

1.  Happy Birthday to Pumpkin and Pi!

Three years old.  That is crazy!  I love their cute and cuddliness.  They have a way of making otherwise normal boring days fun.  The other day, I was at the dentist getting a couple cavities filled.  It was the first time in a long time, and it was worse than I was expecting.  To get through it, I just thought of the cute and fluffy kitties waiting for me at home. Call me crazy, but it worked. 

2.  Pumpkin Playing on his Birthday

For whatever reason, he really likes this pop-up laundry basket.  Like we can't see him! ;)

3.  Pi Playing on her Birthday

She loves little bouncy balls and fake mice that she can bat around and carry around in her mouth.

How did you celebrate Pi day? 


More importantly, how will you be celebrating St. Patty's Day?

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