A Little Bit of Color

For those of you covered in snow, here is a bit of color from Houston. 

Mint.  We stopped watering it for a while and it just popped up again.

More mint.  All over.  Mojitos this weekend?  I think so.

Not many flowers are out now, but I did find a few yellow ones on a vine.

Up close.

Agave!  We planted two agave plants in the back a few weeks ago.
Tequila anyone?

After making a few references to alcohol, I remembered one other snow cold weather-blues buster.


Coconut Rum

I felt compelled to pick up a bottle a few weeks ago.  And, let me tell you, it brought our average juice mixed drink to a whole other level.  Like you are on relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean.  Do it!

The Baths 2011 (I think it's Devils Beach, but don't quote me).


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