Badger Red Bathroom

I love our house.  Seriously, almost everything about it.  I have to sometimes pinch myself on lovely Friday evenings or Saturday mornings when I can't believe it.  Bret and I were incredibly lucky to find a house we both love that also did not require much fixing up.  The only room that actually had color was the main bathroom, and it was bad.  The walls were an ugly, untextured and dirty, sea foam green color of some sorts.  Not good; more embarrassing than anything else. 

The camera and lighting were playing tricks. 
The pictures do not do justice to the terribleness of these walls.

It doesn't help that there is no natural light in the bathroom.

The only thing making the bathroom bearable since January were these oldies but goodies.  I found them while unpacking a box to make room for Christmas decorations.  My laundry room walls are looking bare now, so maybe they will have to make their way over there.  :)

A real Survivor Buff.  From one of the worst seasons, but still real!

I love Mr. Darcy aka Collin Firth. 
Thank you BBC for creating such a masterpiece.

Bret attempted to get me to paint the bathroom a while back, but I was just not ready for picking colors or changing anything at the time and kinda flipped out.  We didn't talk about it for a few months and have been busy with other things until this Saturday morning.  The weather was crappy for Houston (cool and rainy), and we didn't have any specific project to work on, so we discussed painting the bathroom.  The original idea was a light brown color.  I've had a thing for lime/apple green lately, but that fell off the table pretty quick too.  Then, we saw this ad for "Coral Splendor" on Home Depot's website and went for it...but called it Badger Red of course!

The actual color is Indiscreet, and that sums it up pretty well!  It is only slightly more discreet than the Edgy Red we almost purchased.  To keep the color from being too shinny and blinding we added texturing sand to the paint.  Now our bathroom looks so cool!  It is seriously bright and makes me smile.  You can feel free to call me crazy, but it was really fun to just go for it.

Kapooya! Kapooya!!!

Next steps will be finding accessories to match.  The brown shower curtain and rugs really do not work with bright red.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Now, if only the Badgers would have played better this weekend...I only had them winning once anyway.  They've let me down too many times in the past to pick them for much.  Amy learns.  The rest of my bracket is pretty bad too...only 9 out of the Sweet Sixteen.   I'm still hanging on to my Final Four though!

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