I was perusing my usual blogs early this week when I noticed a comment that struck me as odd.  Another reader was "sad" because he/she thought the blogger was editing the blog for GOMI lately, and that it was less interesting now.  What is GOMI?  I had no idea, but was really curious, so obviously Googled it.

Get Off My Internets (GOMI).  Hmmm...I quickly realized it was a forum to rag on popular blogs.  As much as I don't want to condone being mean, this site is hilarious.  The problem with blogging a lot is that it provides endless fodder for people to judge you.  The rags were pretty funny to read, but more importantly, it was extremely eye opening.  Even before discovering GOMI, there were a lot of things I was already not sharing because they were either:

  1. Embarrassing - No, I do not need to hear about your medical treatment or OBGYN exam, but thanks!
  2. Exhausting  - Some people take pictures of ev-er-y-thing they eat.
  3. Out of my expertise range - Opinions are one thing, but that can get tricky really fast too. Or...
  4. Other - There are probably other excellent reasons that I can't think of at this moment.

Even with these general rules in place, I probably should put a gigantic disclaimer about how...

I am not an expert at anything really. 
I was bad at spelling from the get-go (like 3rd grade), 
and I wouldn't count too much on my grammar 
(though I do try hard with there's and yours).  
This isn't my job, its for family and fun.

At the same time, I think people should be able to rag on me as much as they want.  I make spelling/grammatical errors all of the time, and not everyone will agree with the decisions I have made for myself.  I would prefer any criticism to be constructive so that I can improve and learn, but if I ever can't take the heat, then I will get out of the kitchen blogging (I love cooking and will never get out of the kitchen).  All's fair in love and the Internet.  Okay, enough with the nerdy quoting.

Anyway, Instead of bloggin, I've been spending my free time this week reading GOMI and thinking about what offenses I may have already made myself.  I'm back, but if you like a good laugh and happen to follow any of the bloggers being ragged on, check it out.

Final thoughts:

  • I am so glad we are just eloping.  That is lot of wedding crap I don't have to write about.
  • The posters on GOMI are rated by # of meows (comments) with cat names like, Kitten, Cat, Senior Cat, etc... They often refer to their own family members as HusCat and Kittens (husband and kids)...awe :)  I love cats :)
  • Why don't bashed bloggers just own their mistakes (or personal craziness) and say "hi" to everyone on GOMI?  There is nothing more buzz killing than getting called out, even if it is through a computer screen.

That's my two cents.  

What do you think?  Is this site heinous, or fair game?


  1. I think it is fair game. It is a guarantee every time you put content on the internet that someone is going to hate on it. Some things may be hurtful, but for really successful bloggers, it is important to get a thicker skin. I've seen some horrible things being sad about users and I would probably cry. That being said, I would probably feel honored if I was ever on that site!!

    There is a site like that about Youtube personalities/beauty gurus and it is hilarious!!

    I support the eloping! Weddings are so expensive and stressful!

  2. Hey there! We met at the blogger meet-up and I was going to start following you after the info sheet with everyone's name/blog/twitter was emailed but I never got it sooooo, glad I found you through Nini =) I have seen a little bit on this site when I was being nosy and googling for something that was none of my business about a "big" blogger and I think people are pretty cruel. I mean yes, as bloggers, you are putting yourself out there to be judged, but some people are just mean for the sake of being mean. I am FAR FROM perfect, but the day I start actively devoting part of my day to TYPING A MESSAGE just to tear down another person is the day I need a new hobby. Though, I admit, I am going to have to click on over there now because there are some things that are pretty funny...