Reality TV Overload

Hi All!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was great and very much needed.  Friday I dropped my phone, shattered the screen, and then continued to have a pity party the rest of the day :(  Not cool, but a good night's sleep and long run in the sun the next day turned my poopy mood around. :)
I was also able to catch up on my reality TV (which may have also been a significant mood booster).  I was two episodes behind on Amazing Race (and now am behind on last nights!), and one on each of Survivor, Biggest Loser and the Bachelor.  Life is tough sometimes...I kid, but every week the episodes just keep piling up!  After tonight I will be behind on a another round of AR, Bach and Loser.  Overload indeed.



Thoughts on Amazing Race Epi 1 & 2

  • Blah cast.  They all seem fakey or over produced and I do not have anyone in particular to root for yet. 
  • It was interesting that all three teams who took the Road Block penalty thought they were all going to win.  I wonder how long they had been actively looking through sand castles by the time they quit?  I'm pretty sure I would not have taken that 4 hour chance.
  • Why do people sign up for amazing race knowing they have a fear of water.  There is always water, usually in an ocean, and usually requiring you to put your head under and swim.
  • I love the that Katie "just doesn't like people" or something like that, and that her husband totally accepts that!  Now, there are a lot of times where I could agree with Katie, but the extent to which they are playing that up is hilarious.  I hope Max & Katie stay in the Race for a while longer to keep their funny commentary.
  • Overall, the episodes have been interesting, but without having a team to route for, they get a bit boring.


Survivor Epi 3

I went into watching this episode without planning to write much.  Just enjoy and relax (and fold clothes).  Sherri's gem of a comment changed my mind quickly...

  • Sherri "I'm the best at dealing with teenage brats" (i.e. Shamar) because she deals with ACTUAL teenagers everyday at work.  Shamar, are you watching this?  If so, your face must be stinging a whole lot after that slap...
  • Phil is a BALLER.  He gets mistaken for a NBA player often.  You know, Larry Bird old-school-style.  That was probably the best clip of the night.
  • Malcolm finds the idol again!  :)
  • Loved Cochran's musings on how awesome Survivor is; as are the women in their underwear.  Can he be any nerdier/cuter?
  • Andrea v. Corrin.  Nothing happened yet, but as soon as the Favorites go lose again, something will be going down. 
    • Andrea made a mistake (and did not follow Phillips BR rules).
    • She should never have talked to Brandon. 
    • Never. 
    • Especially since she mentioned something about his safety.  If nothing else, she should have covered all of the skin before talking to him.  Now she is just a devil in his mind.
  • Cue the sad music for Shamar's feelings. 
    • How did he pass the psych test? 
    • I already don't like him, so any more "wanting to quit" or flip-flopping will not help his cause with me. 
    • It was awesome (and infuriating) how he turned himself into the honorable "Hero" for "un-quiting," in Reynold's own words, (thanks for that Reynold, and yes, I feel bad for you).
  • Did you catch Shamar's denial of a high-five to the Event Planner right before the challenge?  It was pretty funny.  Such a DB.
  • Is is just me, or was Probst extra animated during the immunity challenge.  He was all over the place and very excited about it.  I liked his extra effort.
  • Tip:  For those playing future Survivors, DO NOT make a "NO TALK" list.  It's just a bad move any way you look at it.

See ya later Hope!


Now, for another week of work, fun and reality TV.  TTFN!!!

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