Three Things Thrusday

1.  Reality TV

I am painfully behind on my two favs, Survivor and Amazing Race.  I keep wanting to sit down and just enjoy them, but other things have just been getting in the way.  Good things, like warm weather outside, playing with cats, cooking, and running.  The Bachelor and Biggest Loser just ended too, so I felt more obligated to see those right away. I was going to say that I hate spoilers, but for the Bachelor, I "knew" who won before the show even started.  I do hate spoilers for all other reality TV though.  Bach and Biggest Loser require less commitment, so I can come in and out without missing anything too important.

Danni looked killer at the finale! She was awesome, as were all the finalists.
And, I want that dress! (source)

2.  Pi Lemon Bars on Pi Day

I made a second attempt at lemon bars last Thursday (also Pi Day [3/14] and the kitties day of birth).  I used the correct granulated sugar in the filling this time.  The bars turned out slightly better, but there was still some separation going on.  I think the recipe is off now, it's not totally my fault for the first flop.  This time though, the top cracked as the bars cooled.  No lie, it cracked in the shape of Pi!  It's like it knew what day it was ;)

3.  March Madness

I have been having a hard enough time with reality shows, that I had absolutely no idea what to pick.  Having not watched more than 5 minutes of college basketball this season, I'm not betting on anything.  Bad Amy!  Anyway.  Since my brother just posted his girl friend's bracket on-line, I made one too.  I played it pretty straight with a few deviations, and only picked Indiana for the win because Obama did. Thank for letting me know NPR :)

I see I left out on block in the East bracket.  Let's pretend I put Montana there.


Who's your pick for winning the tournament?

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