Three Things Thursday

1. Lemon Bar Fail

It's almost spring!?!  I've mentioned before that my weather calender is all messed up, as I figure out what is "normal" Houston weather.  I knew January and February were flying by, but it didn't hit me until my new Eating Well magazine came in the mail. Subscription = Excellent Christmas Present.

Not so excellent...my interpretation of the Lemon Bar recipe.  I have never made lemon bars before and was really trying to follow the instructions.  I got all of the ingredients and instructions right, except the sugar in the lemon gel part.  The short bread crust called for powdered sugar and I, in the semi-frantic way I act when trying new recipes, totally missed the text that said "granulated" sugar for the lemon part.  So, in went the powdered sugar!

When the pan was pulled out of the oven, its top was a creamy yellow, not the normal jelly-like yellow you would expect.  I just chalked it up to the recipe, and didn't think much of it.

Then later, Bret was munching on it and said it was really weird.  Fail.  The lemon part had separated into three layers!  Of widely varying texture.  Still edible, but weird.  Luckily, there are four lemons left for a second (and third) attempt.

2. Brussels Sprouts

Nothing special here.  Just roasted them for dinner last night.  Only notable because it's only the second time ever.  I am still working up my Brussels sprout tolerance.  Looking good so far!

3. Driving around Houston

There are bad drivers everywhere I know, but there seems to be an especially high concentration in Houston.  The slow one's in the left lane kill me the most.  On my drive home from work I try not to zip around too much, as I listen to NPR, but some days I just cannot take it.

Here are a few gems I have seen on Houston Roadways:

Baby held in lap, sticking hand out window.

Gun decals on the back of a pick-up.

What are you up to this fine Thursday?


  1. I like lemon bars. Plan on serving them on our next visit.

    1. Dad? Well, I better get working on that! I would be embarrassed to serve this version to anyone but Bret.