Views of the Weekend

I heard it snowed in Wisconsin again.  People on facebook for the most part are pissed.  I don't blame them, but it was really hard to feel bad when we had views like this.

Anyway, it was beautiful out.  Bret has been working like crazy.  This month he works regular long hours plus has to cover a pager overnight.  Most nights it goes off at least once (often 3, 4 or more times) and he has to get up to work a bit.  It's better than not coming home at all, but still is not fun.  I didn't grow up around anyone with a pager to respond to, so this is all pretty new to me.  Luckily, the worst part of the month is almost over and we are pager free this weekend. :)

Even though he was working last weekend, Bret was able to make it home for Saturday's lunch and a new recipe!  I was inspired by a combination of our CSA box's cilantro bunch and this simple and tasty recipe from Daily Garnish.  And noodles sounded good (because they pretty much always do).  The original recipe called for parsley, but that's not what I had, so I just went for it with cilantro.  The combo of cilantro and lemon gave the dish a very refreshing flavor.  The almonds and garlic were just plain tasty.  I also used garlic olive oil again to amp it up.

Chopped almonds give it a nice crunchy texture and a little more staying power.
No mayonnaise necessary for this cold pasta salad.

It got a thumbs-up from Bret, so I'll make it again.

Lunch spread.  That's veggies with hummus, a huge bowl of pasta
and gigantic mug of water to share with my love.

With a view.  Visitors are always welcome :)

The only thing missing was a beer.  I wasn't going to indulge since Bret cannot while he is on call, but he was so nice and got one for me anyway.  True love, I tell ya!

St. Arnold's spring seasonal beer.  Very pretty flowers on the label.

Oh, and our pool is up to 74 degrees F as of today.  Now, if it can only get up to 80 by the time visitors arrive in April, then we will be set!

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