Three Things Thursday


1.  Office Fruit Bowl

One cool perk of my office are the fruit bowls.  It sounds cheesy, but it is really nice having a free apple or orange as a afternoon pick-me-up.  Because the office is huge, I think they get replenished twice a day for people to graze at will.  Even so, I probably only catch a good selection once a week.  The bowls usually an assortment of apples and oranges with an occasional grapefruit and pear.  Other days they go crazy with a whole bowl full of bananas!  Exciting times...let me tell you! ;)

When I'm working at my desk, I seriously always crave chocolate.  It's bad sometimes, but overall I have been able to avoid raiding co-workers candy dishes.  I think it would be a slippery slope to start nibbling too much.  The fresh fruit from the basket, and from home, often helps me get through the day without caving in. 

2.  Gala Apples

I'm not sure I ever purchased Gala apples before this last year.  I grew up eating a lot of Green and Braeburn apples if any at all.  Then during the fall the family would stock up on Macintosh and Cortlands fresh from Wisconsin orchards.  I spent a lot of weekends on an apple orchard growing up, and I still love all things apples from tree climbing to baked crisps and fresh cider.

Okay...nostalgic side track out of the way...sorry about that.  Apart from orchard apples, my grocery cart rarely had apples in them as an adult.  I think they were too easy for me to forget about in the fridge, and there was always a more fun fruit around, like berries or nectarines.

A while back, I tried a Gala apple from the office fruit bowl and now I'm hooked.  It was crisp, lightly sweet and juicy.  As a small-medium apple it also didn't make me sick of the flavor/texture by the time I finished it. (I know...crazy things turn me off).  Not too long after that I noticed that Gala's were on sale at HEB, so I stocked up and started bringing them to work regularly.  They were on super sale again this week ($0.97/lb) and so I went a little crazy with 10 or so.   It will be interesting to see how long this Gala obsession lasts. 


3.  Cuties

I know the new commercials for Cuties say they were "made for kids," but they have become one of my favorite office snacks these days.  They are almost as good as a candy bar most of the time, and though I know they probably have a good amount of sugar in them (aka they are really sweet and tasty) at least it's natural.  I try to save the Cuties for my afternoon snack because that when my sweets craving hits hardest, and I have been pleasantly surprised that these usually hit the spot. 

One of the best things about apples and Cuties is their convenience.  No cutting or Tupperware to mess with, and that's probably what will keep them around for the time being. 

Cat Spam...just because.


Three Things Thursday

I have been really boring lately...there just isn't much to write about without sounding like a doofus.


1.  Home Goods

This place helped me finish off the new red bathroom.  I found a white shower curtain with a dark gray pattern that perfectly matched a fluffy gray rug.  I was easily sold on the pair, but HG only had one rug, when I really need two (one for the sink and another for the tub/toilet area).  Before getting around to returning the rug, we happened to stop at another HG last weekend and that one had the smaller version of the same one!  Piecemealing decoration together is not my favorite pastime, but I'll take it this time...the rug is really soft :)  To keep from making the bathroom too dark (with red and dark gray), we got white towels for guests.  The bathroom transformation is now almost complete. 



2.  Pi Amuses Me Greatly


3.  Bad Combo

Curious cats and toilet paper.  Since we are on both topics, this seems like an appropriate picture.  Knock-on-wood, but it has been a while since either cat has felt the need to use a toilet paper roll as a treadmill.  They usually run against glass things these days:  pantry door, shower door, full-length mirror, and occasionally actual windows.


Three Things Thursday

This week is flying by!  My brother and his girlfriend are visiting for the weekend and I am so pumped!  The weather has been a little cool the last few days, but I think we will have high 70's and sun for Saturday.  Not quite pool weather for Houstonians, but maybe the Northerners will brave it. Should be a good time either way :) 

Now on to Three Things Thursday - Food Edition


1. Baked Hummus Mushrooms

I first saw the idea on HTP and have been meaning to try it since.  Then one day, I was in a hurry to add protein to a dinner quickly and had both ingredients in the fridge.  400°F for about 20 minutes and...Voila!

Close up.


2.  Rolls

Two ways.  First, and common weekend dining-in staple, HEB sushi.  We have found that if you do a made-to-order party tray you get a much better deal.  Winning!  (sorry about that, I just really like that saying...)

Bret got creative in the kitchen this week with a fun recipe from Pioneer Woman.  I just enjoyed the veggie wrap-rolls and did not take a picture.  It was good though...very fresh and filling!  Ours were huge because we only had burrito wraps.


3.  Cadbury Eggs

Love! Love! Love!  We resisted buying any Easter candy this year, but future MIL sent us a box full of goodies that we have been thoroughly enjoying over the last week.  There were 8...EIGHT eggs in the box and I savored every bit of about 4 and 1/2 of them :)  I try to not focus on calories of sweets that I'm just trying to enjoy, but I was pleasantly surprised that the eggs were only 150 cals!  I looked last night as I was enjoying my last one.  Yum!


I grew up with huge fudge eggs from Seroogy's.  I really like the malted milk eggs though too.   The traditional Peeps and jelly beans have never been my favorites.  Though, the Starburst and Trolli (sour) jelly beans won me back a few years ago. 


What is your favorite Easter candy?